Dear All,

Welcome to the CBS website. The Cameroon Bioscience Society is an organisation serving the professional and scientific needs of Bioscientists and individuals in related disciplines. The sharing of ideas and research findings, establishing and strengthening a network for researchers, are signposts of the Society. Issues of national and international concern like environmental degradation, food security, threats to human health and well-being, and biosecurity, inter alia, can be addressed only with deep knowledge of the Biosciences and sound biological research findings as well as the broad dissemination of that knowledge to the scientific community, policy-makers, educators and students and the general public. These are thus great challenges to all Bioscientists.

The premier event of the Society is its Annual Conference (AC). At this juncture, may I mention that the next AC will hold at the beautiful and prestigious University of Buea Campus, Buea, next to ‘The Chariot of the Gods’ and close to the seaside resort city of Limbe, in the very hospitable South-West Region of Cameroon, from 28 November to 2 December 2017. The Conference Theme is: “Bioscience Research for Cameroon’s Emergence”. To enhance the development of young Bioscientists and deepen our knowledge of Biology, the first two days of the conference will be dedicated to topical workshops on Bioinformatics, Drug Discovery and Development and Successful Grant Writing. The next three days would be devoted to scholarly communications.

Just for your information, the CBS does not sleep between meetings. Throughout 2017, CBS leadership and some members continue to build on the solid foundational work of previous leadership teams. That foundation was so robust that it could carry a skyscraper. We would be adding a few floors to the building by the next Annual General Meeting (AGM). Following suggestions from Executive Bureau members, new storeys to our building may include but not limited to: the publishing of a CBS Newsletter 3-6 times a year, the modification of members’ dues and Conference Registration Fees, CBS Focal Points in all our national universities and related research centres as well as in the diaspora, awards of fellowships, prizes and honorary memberships; organisation of year-round Training Workshops, listing of members on the CBS website, creation of committees, affiliation to other renown learned societies and professional organisations. The sustainability of a scholarly society like CBS depends on its membership, hence there is an urgent need for a membership drive both at home and in the diaspora so that Cameroonians wherever they are can collaborate and contribute to the scientific culture and development of our fatherland. Considering the many and important decisions in the life of our Society to be taken during the next AC, I appeal to all the members of the CBS attending the conference to be present at the AGM slated for Saturday 02 December 2017.

The members of the Executive Bureau and I count on everyone, for your commitment to the CBS. Everybody should be a vector of the CBS and the 2017 Conference, infesting and infecting as many colleagues, students and well wishers as possible.

Come to Buea to communicate the global science of Biology and be inspired by others sharing their research with you. Science communication is a critical component of our research journey – and CBS 2017 will provide an extraordinary platform for sharing!

I look forward to seeing you in Buea.

Prof. Dr. Elias Nchiwan Nukenine
President of Cameroon Biosciences Society.