On behalf of the Cameroon Bioscience Society (CBS), it is our immense pleasure to invite you, the great scientists, academicians, young researchers, business delegates and students from the four corners of Cameroon and abroad to the 25th Annual Conference of the CBS (Bioscience 201 8), to be held at the University of Ngaoundere, from November 27th, to December 1 st, 201 8. Bioscience 201 8 with the theme “Bioscience, Knowledge Valorisation and Entrepreneurship”, will feature an exciting scientific programme focused on the latest developments in the fields of Food and Agriculture, Health and Environment, with emphasis on the societal impact of research results and creation of wealth from such results. The five-day-conference will commence with a training workshop on “Job Search Skills, Project Management and Business Creation”, for two days, followed by three days of exciting and motivating Plenary Lectures, Invited Talks, Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations. We as professional scientists, researchers and students need to be at the forefront of Cameroon’s efforts to be an emerging nation, Cameroon striving to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through the colossal and sustainable research activity carried out by exuberant and adept scientists under challenging circumstances. Thus, during the workshop, participants will be schooled on using bioscience to create innovative products and services as well as technologies to meet the goals of poverty reduction, food security, livelihood improvement and wealth creation. Professional development components such as CV’s, motivation letters, job search strategies as well as fellowship / scholarship scouting, would be an integral part of the workshop package. However, the most important goal of the training workshop would be to instill bioscience entrepreneurial spirit in the participants and equip them with what it takes to create bio-business, business enterprise based on utilization of biological knowledge. The last three days of the conference would be dominated by scientific, innovative and entrepreneurial presentations and debates in plenary, parallel and poster sessions, encompassing pure and applied research, primary production and value chain in bioscience enterprise. Participants are expected to share and discuss their valuable findings, as well as network and come up with proposals to inform both national and international opinions on how the globally bustling bioscience sector could assist in catapulting Cameroon towards sustainable development. Bioscience business contributes billions to trillions of dollars to the economy of some countries and increasing at over 1 0% per year in Asia. Currently more than 70% of New Zealand’s export earnings are derived from bioscience-based industries spanning human and animal health, agriculture, horticulture and other natural products. According to the OECD, the economic contribution of biobusiness could be even greater in developing countries, due to the importance of primary production and industry in their economies. Thus, biobusiness has the potential of driving Cameroon to an emergent nation. At the end of the five-day conference, it is hoped that “innovation and enterprise” would move from being a mindset to practical outcomes. With many smart students, brilliant young researchers, eminent scientists representing many renowned universities and research centres as well as government ministries and international organizations, congregating in Ngaoundere, “le chateau d’eau du Cameroun”, located on the enchantingly beautiful Adamawa Plateau, we plan to mix pleasure with profit. Conference visits/tours are planned to charming touristic sites in and around Ngaoundere including attendance to a cultural jamboree. Please plan and be part of a memorable Bioscience 201 8 coupled with a very pleasurable stay in Ngaoundere. We look forward to welcoming you in Ngaoundere. Djabbama!